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Wish You A Happy Belated Birthday Auntie

It is said that it is better to be late than never so if you have forgotten to wish your auntie on her birthday then do not worry. You can still send her beautiful messages to say Happy Belated Birthday Auntie. An auntie is like a mother to you. You can share everything with her without being worried about scolding. She is like your best friend who hears you and is always by your side.

Happy Birthday Auntie

You may have forgotten that it is your auntie’s birthday. Whether it was the mistake of your memory or the hectic schedule at the office, you have missed the perfect time to wish her. But still, you have a chance to send her the best wishes. But keep in mind that words you are using must have a sincere apology for forgetting her special day.

Following are some of the beautiful belated birthday wishes you can send your auntie to make her feel the world’s best auntie ever:

Happy Belated Birthday Auntie

    • My dear auntie today I want you to know that you are something to me that my parents can never be, happy birthday!
    • I know I am late to wish you on your birthday but it really does not mean that I do not love you…happy birthday my dearest auntie.
    • Dear Auntie! I was waiting for your birthday but then I fall asleep…happy birthday auntie though it is late but still I love you.
    • Oh no, I missed your Birthday…happy birthday auntie…sorry I am late.
    • Happy belated birthday to Auntie who spreads joy everywhere she goes…I love you my best auntie.
    • Do not be mad at me as I forgot your Birthday…happy birthday to the world’s best auntie ever…
    • Happy Belated Birthday Auntie… I am so disappointed with myself because I forgot your birthday.
    • Hope your birthday celebrations were as special as you are…sorry for late wishing you…you are the best auntie ever…
    • Thank you for being there when no one else was… happy belated birthday…I know I am stupid I forgot…
    • I know that I do not deserve cake because I forgot your birthday…happy birthday auntie and sorry for being late…

Having a family is truly a blessing. We must take care of the feelings of our relatives. The birthday is a special day of everyone’s life so remember this special day of your loved ones and wish them in a memorable way. It will show your love for them and they will realize that how important they are for you. But if due to any reason you forget to wish your auntie on her birthday then send her a beautiful Happy Birthday Auntie Message.

Happy Belated Birthday Auntie

  • Even though this message will come to you a little late but the wishes are good for any day…Happy birthday my dearest auntie.
  • Happy birthday my dear auntie…you are so special to us and you mean a lot to our family…stay healthy and happy.
  • I feel so lucky that I have a fantastic aunt…happy birthday auntie…I am late but my wishes are not…
  • I hope your birthday was incredible…please forgive me for forgetting your special day…happy birthday….
  • You are fantastic, you are spectacular….happy birthday auntie…you deserve the best.
  • I wish you do not have an anger on me for wishing you late….but it was not my fault…happy birthday dearest auntie.
  • Hope you had the best birthday ever this time…sorry I forgot this special day…Happy Bleated Birthday Auntie.
  • Wishing you a birthday filled with joy and a life filled with happiness.
  • You are a magical woman who has a beautiful face and beautiful heart. Happy birthday dearest auntie.
  • You are a dear aunt who can fill live with joy and happiness…happy birthday to you…
  • Dear aunt thanks for being a parent minus fighting and sibling minus blaming…happy birthday and sorry I am late…
  • Auntie! Thank you for your kindness, love and support…happy birthday and forgive me for wishing you a little late.
  • I know you are feeling bad that I forgot your birthday…but trust me I am feeling worst that I forgot this special day…Happy Birthday Auntie.

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