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Top Happy Birthday Daughter Wishes

Happy Birthday Daughter

The birthdays are always the special. It is the time when on comes to know how important he/she is in others lives. As a matter of fact, everyone waits for his/her birthday to get the best wishes from the friends, colleagues and especially the family. So never miss your loved one’s birthday as he/she would be anxiously waiting for a card with beautiful words written on it. The daughters are the gift for parents. A daughter is one who feels the true pain for her parents. She takes care of you and always loves you. So when it is her birthday, send her the beautiful Happy Birthday Daughter wishes to make her feel special.


Best Wishes For Daughter On Her Birthday:

The daughters are the little fairies who fill our lives with joy and happiness. They try their best to fulfill the expectations of their parents. Whatever the circumstances are they do not leave their parents and always stand on their side. She is her father’s little princess and mother’s friend. So when it is her birthday send some beautiful wishes to her to express your love towards her.

Here are some top birthday wishes for the daughter:

  • Happy birthday to the most amazing girl in the world…you completed my life my dear daughter.
  • This is the most special day in my life…When a little beautiful girl was born…you are the one who brought colors in our lives…Happy Birthday Daughter.
  • Today is the day when we received the best gift ever…this is the day when you were born…thank you for completing our lives…happy birthday to the sweetest girl in the world.
  • May you always be surrounded by the love, happiness and joy dear daughter…you are our little angle…many many happy returns of the day…happy birthday!
  • 23 years before it was the day when I saw my little angel the first time…I cannot explain my joy and happiness I felt at that time… happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the world.

happbirthday beautiful

  • No matters how old are you…you would be always a sweet little angle for me…happy birthday and many many happy returns of the day.
  • Dear daughter! Being your daddy is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Happy birthday and may your life be filled with all the joys and happiness you want.
  • I feel truly blessed to have a daughter like you…I did not know what the love was until I met you…happy birthday to my sweetest daughter.
  • Today was the day when I received the best gift ever…happy birthday and may this birthday bring you all the happiness and success.
  • May all your dreams come true…happy birthday and May you live long.
  • Today is the best reason to celebrate as I got the most precious gift…happy birthday my dear daughter.
  • I wish you joy and peace, love and happiness, success and laughter…I wish you all the best for your whole life…happy birthday!
  • I want you to become the strongest person…I am always with you…my little princess happy birthday to you.

Give A Surprise Birthday Party:

As we all know that the birthday is the best occasion to express our love and concern. So if your daughter’s birthday is near then, you must plan something extra-ordinary to make her realize how important she is for you and how much you love her. You can plan a surprise birthday party for your little princess. In fact she would be expecting something special from you. Following are some ideas to plan a birthday party for your daughter:

  • First of, all you have to decide a theme for the party. If your daughter is a child and loves the Disney princesses then you can select a Disney princess theme. Get her the favorite princess’s dress for the party. It will surely make her ecstatic. You can decide a theme other then Disney or Barbie princess too.
  • Then make a list of the guests you want to invite. You should add your daughter’s friends, classmates and your close friend’s children to the party. If you invite too little guests then party would become boring. You want to make your daughter happy so invite the guests she likes to see.
  • After making the guests list, now you have to send them the invitations, but before that do not forget to decide the venue. Write the correct address on the invitation card so that the guests could arrive without any difficulty. If you have decided a theme party then you must have to write the theme on the invitation card.
  • You should keep the guests convenience in the mind while deciding the venue for the party. It must be a place where your daughter could enjoy and the guests could arrive easily. Of course the theme of the party plays an important role in deciding the venue. For example, if you have planned to throw a pool party then there must be a swimming pool.
  • Gifts are necessary on birthdays. Everyone waits to get gifts from the family and friends. And when it is your daughter’s birthday then you should buy a gift of her choice.
  • When you are throwing a party for your daughter’s birthday then food must be the best. If your daughter, is younger then add more sweets and cupcakes, etc. And if your daughter is a young girl then order the food she likes. You must keep in mind that the food must be in the variety so that all the guests could eat.
  • The cake is the main part of the event. Your daughter would love to cut the cake along with you. So order her favorite cake and surprise her. She would be very happy to see that you have planned everything as she likes.
  • If your daughter is younger then you can plan the games to engage the children in fun activity. Prepare goodie bag and play different games. It will make the party a success. You can bring temporary tattoos, caps, and clips, etc for the little girls in the party.

happy birthday beautiful daughter

  • Once you are done with all the things then you have to write some beautiful words on the card. but sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose the right words to express the true feelings. And the love for your daughter cannot be described in words. However, following are some of the best Happy Birthday Daughter wishes that can make it easy for you to tell your daughter how much you love her:
  • I remember the first day you came into the world, I remember the first time you opened your eyes, I remember the day when you took your first step…you are the one who taught me to smile…you are the one who taught me to fight…you are my treasure…happy birthday my little princess.


  • To us you are the most precious gift…we cannot imagine the life without you…you are the one who completed our family…happy birthday and we love you a lot, my dear daughter!
  • My dear little angel! May you have an incredible birthday…may you always keep smiling. You are the shining star in our lives. Happy birthday!
  • You have given us the most precious memories…me and your dad will always remember those beautiful moments we spent with you…happy birthday sweetie.
  • Your dad used to smoke a lot…but when you born he promised that he would quit smoking…and guess what he never smoked again…you brought positive changes to our lives…happy birthday and thank you for fulfilling our lives with joy and happiness.
  • Time flies and you are 16 already….I still remember the day when you were born…happy birthday my dear daughter may you succeed in your life.
  • I cannot express my feelings when I heard you crying for the first time… it was awesome to be a mom…thank you for calling me mom…happy birthday my little angle.
  • I am jealous of the man who would come into your life…I want to the one whom you love the most…happy birthday my dear daughter and may this birthday bring that man who would be the love of your life.
  • Today is the day when I heard you crying…the moment when I first held you in my arms was incredible…it still brings tears to my eyes…happy birthday to dad’s little princess.
  • It was amazing to watch Tom and Jerry hundreds of time with you…it was incredible to answer your silly questions. And the moment when you first called me daddy is unforgettable…happy birthday to sweet little angle.
  • Happy birthday to my sweetie pie! You are truly an amazing daughter.
  • You came into our lives and changed everything….you are the rainbow who added colors to our black and white life…happy birthday to the mist amazing daughter of the universe.
  • Having you as my daughter is the most beautiful thing…Happy Birthday Daughter.

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